OS4 Update Out

By admin

Hey everyone,

We finally released the update that fixes many of the problems you’re having.

We accidentally introduced a bug that ignores your timer interval setting, but we have already submitted an update to apple to fix this issue. It should be out in a few days.

This update allows video rendering at HD resolutions, some of these are too big too be played on older devices. So if you’re experiencing green or blank video on playback, you may have to transfer the video to a computer to view it, or render at a lower resolution. You can also restart your device to free up memory. If you’re still having problems, please email us at labs at laan d0t com and tell us which model phone you have, and we will try to help out.

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iOS4 Bugs

By cclaan

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick post to let people know we are aware of the iOS4 bugs and we’re working on an update.

We are aware of the bugs related to iphone 4, and we’re sorry we don’t have a fix. We planned on doing a quick update but it turned out to be more work than we thought to update for iOS4. Please be patient with us and we should have a fix coming before christmas.

Here are the bugs we’re aware of:

  • You can’t disable the flash on iPhone 4.
  • Crashes upon trying to watch a rendered video.
  • Crashes sometimes after exiting a capture session.
  • iPhone 4 highest resolution is not recognized

For now, you can still capture at other resolutions, and all of your frames will be saved even if it crashes ( just make sure you’re not in ‘Render During Capture’ mode. )

Again, sorry for the lack of updates.


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work projects are fun

By LaanLabs

our friend @jennykortina made this nice video of her laying out some space invaders decals. Its a great way to show a work project in just a few seconds.

Whats also nice about this project is that she got this new iphone stand from amazon thats just awesome. highly recommended! (plus it can also hold your mouse)


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Whiteboards are cool

By LaanLabs

We made this little whiteboard animation yesterday of Eadweard Muybridge’s Horse. It was a fun little project and you can watch the making of here.

If you have any ideas for a nice whiteboard animation we would love to hear from you so contact us or leave a message in the comments.

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Events – timelapse is the perfect recap

By LaanLabs

Creating a timelapse app of an event is the perfect re-cap. This a short little video we just made of a great event here in Philly – Ignite Philly

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A Timelapse Driving Video Example

By LaanLabs

A driving video is a great time lapse project (and especially easy with iTimelapse). Really all you need is a solid way to mount your iphone to your dash and you’re off (literally). For this project I used our clip mount clipped to my sun screen (yeah i used clipped twice in the span of three words). I turned on the app at the start of my approx one hour drive from philly down to maryland (the boat sanctuary) and left it on for about 30 mins when i got there to let the light fade out with the sun. See for yourself.

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Paper Clip iPhone stand…

By cclaan

I tried a few DIY iphone stand designs yesterday because I left my real stands at home. I couldn’t manage to make a stable one very easily out of paper or the coffee holder design. I stumbled upon this guy’s paperclip design which is really nice, he even has a template on his website including the measurements.

Read his full post with measurements  and lots of pics on his own site:


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iPhone Tripods, Stands and Holders

By LaanLabs

Some general advice. The trick to making a good iphone time lapse video is having you iphone in solid position when camera snaps. If the camera is moving when the picture is taken you will get a very blurry picture. (see this video which a good concept that has blurry shots that ruins the effect).

The Improvised.
Using what is around you is best. The cardboard coffee heat protectors transmogrify into a nice little stand in no time and a coat hanger and a couple of rubber bands also do the trick.

The Improvised.

Using what is around you is best. Here is a nice little stand where the cardboard coffee heat protectors transmogrify into a nice little stand in no time and another project where  a coat hanger and a couple of rubber bands also do the trick.

The Basic.

You own a $200 phone (really $400+ sans contract), its worth getting a proper stand for it. A couple of store bought stands/tripods:

The best for the money.

This one is a little dyi, but has been the most adaptable for us. We have taken the Ram iPhone cradle (and with two bolts and three nuts (and a piece off another adapter) make it something that can fit to any existing tripod mount. Most tripod mounts are Dual 1/4-20″ & 3/8″


The Ultimate.

The Zgrip. This for the film geek that wants to show off (i want one!!!), but for 299 it must come with the girl


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Amazing (well cheap) iPhone stand from hanger

By LaanLabs

Found this on makezine.com blog but love the execution.

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Get Movies off your iPhone WITHOUT iTunes or iPhoto

By LaanLabs

512_Image_CaptureGetting movies off your iPhone can be a bit of a trick and iTunes and iPhoto can make the process even more want-to-bang-your-head-in-frustration fun. But luckily there is help. For you mac users there is a simple little app called “Image Capture” that does the trick (windows users click here). For you iTimelapse users out there make sure you have exported your rendered video to the “Camera Roll” in the Share tab first.

So to grab a video (or photo):

  1. Connect your iPhone – when iTunes and/or iPhoto start just go ahead and close them.
  2. Launch “Image Capture (Applications >Image Capture)
  3. Choose “Download  Some…” (otherwise you will get all your photos as well)
  4. Find the movie you are looking for and highlight it with a click. Sorting by date or size can help if you have a ton of media.
  5. Click Download.

Yeah – we have our movie in like a few seconds and we didn’t have to sync our life or remove apps or cause any other undo apple life-management tasks that we like to avoid (who wants to be that organized anyway)

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